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Category and Application of Optical Fiber Distribution Cabinet

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ODF Distribution Cabinet

ODF optical fiber distribution cabinet is an optical fiber distribution equipment specially designed for optical fiber communication machine room. It has the functions of optical cable fixation and protection, optical cable termination, wire adjustment, optical cable core and tail fiber protection. It can be assembled into an ODF frame separately, or installed in a cabinet/frame together with the ODF digital distribution unit and ODF audio distribution unit. To form a comprehensive ODF optical fiber distribution frame. The equipment is flexible in configuration, simple in installation and use, easy to maintain, and easy to manage. It is an essential equipment for optical fiber communication and optical cable network terminal or relay point to realize fiber arrangement, fiber hop optical cable fusion and access.

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Application of ODF Distribution Cabinet in Generic Cabling System:

In the generic cabling system, the distribution frame is applicable to the horizontal wiring between equipment or equipment termination, as well as the mutual matching termination of centralized points. The rugged and easy to install design reduces the installation and operation costs. The large front identification space is convenient for port identification and management, and complies with the 19 "rack installation standard. At present, the product has been commercially available in many countries and regions around the world, bringing multiple values to operators:

⬤ Large capacity, high density, reduce the number of cabinets, save room space, and increase the utilization rate of the machine room;

⬤ Real time monitoring port can improve fault location efficiency and reduce labor cost;LANs are distinguished from other kinds of networks by three characteristics:
⬤ Intelligent construction ensures accurate routing information, reduces sunken ports and saves operation and maintenance costs;

⬤ Electronic identification reduces the hidden danger of information leakage caused by paper labels;

⬤ The intelligent intermediate distribution cabinet, together with the intelligent optical fiber distribution frame, can realize the intellectualization and electronization of the computer room, which is easy to deploy and maintain.

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ODF (optical distribution frame) optical distribution frame:

Optical distribution frame (ODF) is used for the termination and distribution of local backbone optical cables in optical fiber communication systems, which can facilitate the connection, distribution and scheduling of optical fiber lines. With the increasing degree of network integration, an optical digital hybrid distribution frame integrating odf, ddf and power distribution unit has emerged, which is suitable for small and medium-sized distribution systems such as fiber to cell, fiber to building, remote module office and wireless.

Product features:

Software Applications Sharing: During a Local Area Network, it's straightforward to use identical packages during a variety of computers connected to a network rather than buying the severally commissioned packages for every shopper on the network.

Systematization: It has products with different capacities that meet various indoor and outdoor environmental requirements, and is equipped with a full range of high-quality optical devices, and can provide systematic solutions;

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Humanization: emphasize humanized operation, management, etc., full frontal operation, have a deep understanding of project construction, and always adhere to excellence in handling details;

Standardization: strictly follow various industrial standards, and actively participate in the revision of various industrial technical specifications;

Specialization: professional technicians and production and testing equipment ensure product performance superiority and reliability;

Product function:

● It has the function of optical cable fixation and protection;

● Optical cable termination function;

● Line adjustment function;

● Protection function of optical cable core and tail fiber.

Photoelectric performance:

The high-voltage protective ground of the rack is insulated from the rack, and the insulation resistance is 1000m Ω/500v (dc) without flashover.

The withstand voltage between the high voltage protective ground of the rack and the rack shall not be less than 3000v (dc)/1min without breakdown and flashover.

Optical fiber connector loss ≤ 0.5db

Insertion loss ≤ 0.2db

Return loss: fc/pc>40db, fc/upc>50db, fc/apc>60db

Plugging life:>1000 times



Mechanical properties: 

The combustion performance of plastic parts shall comply with the provisions of gb51697-85.

When the optical fiber of the optical cable passes through the metal plate hole, there is a protective sleeve, and the curvature radius of the fiber core and tail fiber is greater than 37.5mm.

When the optical cable enters the chassis, the radius of curvature is greater than 15 times the diameter of the optical cable.

Note: All steel plates are made of high-quality galvanized steel; All fasteners shall be plated with stainless steel or stainless steel plate; All structural members with metal appearance are coated with electrostatic epoxy powder.

What are the functional requirements of ODF optical fiber distribution frame?

ODF frame, namely ODF optical fiber distribution frame, is the optical fiber distribution equipment specially designed for the optical fiber communication machine room. It has the functions of optical cable fixation and protection, optical cable termination, line adjustment, optical cable core and pigtail protection. It can not only be assembled into optical distribution frame separately, but also be assembled into a cabinet/frame together with digital distribution unit and audio distribution unit to form a comprehensive distribution frame.

Main functional requirements of ODF optical fiber distribution frame:

Optical cable fixation and protection function. Optical cable entry, fixation and protection devices shall be provided. The device introduces and fixes the optical cable on the rack to protect the optical cable and the fiber core in the cable from damage. The metal part of the optical cable is insulated from the metal frame. The fixed metal sheath and reinforcing core of the optical cable shall be reliably connected to the high-voltage protective grounding device.

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Optical fiber termination function. Optical fiber termination device shall be provided. The device is convenient for the splicing operation, construction, installation and maintenance of optical cable core and tail fiber. It can fix and protect the straight joint without displacement, avoid the influence of external force, and ensure that the coiled optical cable core and tail fiber are not damaged.
Jumper function. Through the optical fiber jumper connector plug, the serial number of the fiber core in the optical cable can be quickly and conveniently dispatched and the route sequence of the optical transmission system can be changed.
Protection function of optical cable core and tail fiber. After the optical cable is stripped, the fiber core is provided with a protection device, and the incoming optical fiber is provided with a termination device after it is fixed.
Capacity. The capacity of each rack and unit capacity (determined by the number of adapters) shall be specified in the product enterprise standard, and the optical fiber termination device, optical fiber storage device, and optical fiber connection distribution device shall be configured in sets within the full capacity range.


Identify the recording function. The rack and unit shall be equipped with complete identification and recording devices to facilitate identification of fiber core serial number or transmission path sequence, and the recording devices shall be easy to modify and replace.
Optical storage function. There shall be enough space in the rack and unit to store the remaining optical fibers.

ODF Optical Fiber Distribution Unit:

Structural requirements:

It can enter cable up or down with full front operation, which is easy to use; The adapter is installed at an angle of 30 ° to avoid direct arc light entering the eye and ensure the bending radius of the optical fiber; Perfect grounding device, safe and reliable; The fiber routing identification is clear and perfect, which is convenient for maintenance and management;

Product standard, nominal working wavelength: 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm, optical fiber unit box adopts modular design, with tray inside, wiring and welding are realized in one tray.

The unit box has four specifications: 24 core, 48 core, 72 core and wire passing unit box, which can be configured as required. The rack and unit box have safe and reliable grounding protection devices.

Configure the unit box, fc adapter, single-mode integrated fiber, 12 core fusion wiring integrated module, etc. according to the corresponding capacity.

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Product appearance:

The coating surface shall be smooth and clean, with uniform color and luster, without sagging and bottom exposure, and the surface of sheet metal parts shall be free of burrs, rust and other defects;

The structural members shall be free of defects such as burrs, twists, scratches and bruises;

The surface of plastic parts shall be smooth and clean, with uniform color without obvious difference, cracks and scratches;

Combustion performance of non-metallic structural parts and optical fiber connectors:

The combustion performance of all non-metallic material structures and optical fiber connectors shall meet the following requirements after the continuous combustion time of applying the test flame is over:

ODF Distribution Frame:

ODU optical fiber distribution frame size is equipped with distribution equipment integrating optical fiber fusion wiring management. It is called Optical Distribution Frame in English, or ODF distribution frame for short, or ODF unit box and ODF distribution box. ODF optical fiber distribution frame is used for the termination and distribution of local backbone optical cables in the optical fiber communication system, which can facilitate the connection, distribution and scheduling of optical fiber lines. The main specifications are 12 core ODF_ 24 core ODF_ 36 core ODF_ 48 core ODF_ 72 core ODF_ 96 core ODF_ 144 core ODF_ 288 core ODF, etc.


Its features are full modular design, full front operation, flexible installation, convenient construction and maintenance, pull-out design, fusion wiring module integrated with fusion wiring, which is suitable for bundle and ribbon optical cables. Each reel can be installed with 12 FC, SC and ST adapters. The front of the adapter is 30°angle, which not only ensures the curvature radius of the fiber, but also avoids laser damage to the eyes. The module can be taken out of the equipment for easy operation. Optical cable and pigtail have more than 2m storage space.

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