We are one high-tech fibre optic products supplier  company in China, we have more than 15 patents about fibre communication . We were founded in 2006. More than a decade of experience in providing solutions to the Optical Communication Network globally. We have eight branches in the world : Florida, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Belgium, Dubai, India, New Delhi and South Africa.

About Product Structure

About Product structure. First , the most important product is telecommunications, optical communication solution design , including product logistics , cash retention , project management ; Second , the design of raw materials can also be purchased separately including:
  • A class is cable    B class is connectors and accessories;    C class is all types of container boxes    D class is transceiver, optical module

OPF Project Advantages

OPF Technology Limited designs, manufactures and sells optical fibre cables. As the largest fiber optic cable manufacturers in Zhejiang China, we can offers optical fibres, optical fibre cables and various solutions.

To promote indoor users' link and keep in step with online lifestyle and progress.  OPF has successfully designed more stable and fast fiber to every family solutions.
With 20-year in the telecom territory and committed to meet 5G demand, OPF cooperate with world opgw manufacturers and come with multi solutions for backbone construction in all regions around the country. They can still act perfect under elevated temperature, even when the surrounding's humidity and voltage is very high.
OPF has 20 years' time to help construct power station and electricity industry. OPF also be provided with multi telecom solutions, devoting to stronger industrial linkage all over the world.
The power industrial requirements are also our foundation of OPF products. OPF is a good telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer committed to the advance development of electronics power system communications
According to the need of data center constructionthe high density optical fiber distribution frame isntroduced , which simplifies the field installation inthe data center environment , improves the newenergy of the system , and realizes higher systemdensit.
OPF - Stock Solution supports with the free stockup to six months , and up to 180 days credit termup to S5 million products . This stock solution alsowill be refilled in order to penetrate market in a more efficient and powerful way.
Financial supports will be together with our bigproject finance up to 20 million and five years withthe local partners to support delivery the advanceinformation highway for the local societies.

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