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  • OPF OEM Instuctions

    OPF OEM Instuctions

    OPF OEM INSTRUCTIONSOPF OEM: This article is an introduction of what Original Equipment Manufacturer means to our customers, with examples and further explain on OEM.We will do the first sample print ···



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  • Anatel Certificate

    Anatel Certificate

    Anatel CertificateOPF China is an optical fiber and cable manufacturer with Anatel Certificate, product quality can be assured meet the Anatel requirements. Please contact us by email Bella@o-pf.comor···



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  • FTTH indoor cable

    FTTH indoor cable

    Central topic:Optical Cable Application in FTTHIndoor optical cable classification applicationsolution:Typical tight-buffered single/double-core optical cablelArmored indoor flexible optical cableDry ···



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  • What is ADSS Cable

    What is ADSS Cable

    Fiber optic cable - Some Facts Need to Know about ADSSEveryone is wondering at the rapid development of science and technology, yet few may realize the prosperity is benefited from the development of ···



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  • MicroDucts Solutions--Introduction of MicroDucts

    MicroDucts Solutions--Introduc···

    1. What is a MicroDucts?MicroDuctsis a key component in the access network, and its function is to transmit information. The optical transmission index of MicroDuctsis the same as that of ordinary opt···



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  • Desktop Box Introduction

    Desktop Box Introduction

    What is fiber to the desktop (FTTD) exactly? It is a direct connection of fiber optic cabling from the network to a PC. It can be used in place of a standard copper network connection. Since the cost ···



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  • A Brief Introduction of PLC Splitter

    A Brief Introduction of PLC Sp···

    What is PLC Splitter?PLC is the English abbreviation of Planar Lightwave Circuit, that is, Planar Lightwave Circuit. It is an integrated wave guide optical power distribution device based on a quartz ···



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  • Knowledge of OPGW Optical Cable

    Knowledge of OPGW Optical Cabl···

    Introduction aboutOPGWOPGW optical cable, also known as optical fiber composite overhead ground wire. The optical fiber is placed in the ground wire of the overhead high-voltage transmission line and ···



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  • The Module-type Optical Distribution Frame

    The Module-type Optical Distri···

    FeatureslWater-proof design with IP-65protection level.lIntegrated with splice cassette and cable management rods. Manage fibers in a reasonable fiber radius condition. lEasy to maintain and extend th···



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  • Aerial Fiber Optic Cable and Underground Optic Cable

    Aerial Fiber Optic Cable and U···

    What is an underground optical cable?Underground cables are used for power transmission and distribution, while overhead structures become impractical. Such locations may be congested areas where the ···



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