OPGW Solutions


As a communication medium, OPGW cable has certain advantages over buried optical cables. In addition to being a traditional ground wire, to protect the transmission line from lightning strikes and short-circuit currents, the OPGW also provides a data communication channel with the fiber inside the cable, reduces the cost of overhead transmission systems. Our OPGW solutions are able to achieve up to 1440 connections in one line under max 700 kv environment. The new developed structure consists of special aluminium alloy, stainless steel and special durable protection. Contain fibre optical outdoor Cable.OPF can manufacture OPGW cable in different specifications according to the needs of the customers.

Dual performance of ground wires with communication capabilities. OPGW fiber optic cables have excellent mechanical strength properties. Thus, the fibers are protected from abrasion, tension and lateral pressure. This fundamentally ensures that the optical fiber is not damaged by external forces. Easy maintenance, easy to solve threading problems, those characteristics shows OPGW cable can be a good choice in FTTX solution. Its mechanical properties can meet the requirements of large cable crossings. With the most important part of this solution OPF's OPGW cable is designed for use in harsh environmental conditions. OPF is a successful OPGW manufacture with strict and skilled fibre network installation scheme for OPGW. All the accessories also will be tailor-made in line with the high-standard material and process, such as aluminium alloy closure, vibration hammer, strength holder and brace fitting, etc.

OPGW cables run between the tops of high voltage electrical towers. The conductive part of the cable is used to connect adjacent towers to earth and to protect high voltage conductors from lightning strikes. The typical formation of OPGW cable is single-mode fiber with low transmission loss, which enables it to realize high-speed long-distance transmission.
OPGW cables needs to confirm the basic performance criteria first, and then to decide an appropriate specification design. All OPGW products will be of high-standard manufacturing and strict quality control.
All of these parts will be running under 400 hours compliment tests, in order to make sure all parts will be smoothly running for 25 years of operations.
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