looking for local partner to join with us for the local projects

Under our highly developed market requirements and global telecommunication and data center development needs , we fully promote Our rapidly growing distribution network.

We are sincerely inviting qualified,experienced and ambitious distributors to join our global network.

To be our global network Partner


Requirements as below

1601164719644059.jpg1.Have more than five years technical and network distribution or installation experience.

2.Equiped with storage facilities,and  established with more than three depots in the local country.

3.Capable  operating with 100 million usd or more for a single project in the last five years.

4.Financially stable and with the average yearly sales turn over more than $100 million usd in the last five years.

Contact Us

1601334628720716.jpgPlease don't hesitate to contact our Distribution strategic consultants.  

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