Fiber to the home Solutions

To improve the home users' connection and accelerate the development of online services and needs, OPF has invented more flexible and stable fiber-to-the-home connection solutions, FTTH is convenient. We can provide fiber optic cable support for multiple projects. Our fiber network project scope covers central office ODF, FTTX project, residence FTTH, villa area FTTH, office building FTTH, and old building FTTB and FTTC.
We mainly focus on plug-and-use, provide uses with easily access network optical distribution networks, and space-saving solutions. A completed solution to be implemented highly with indoor and outdoor UV protection, waterproof and fire resistance, rodent protection, and other requirements. We wish to create better future of optical communicationn industry jointly with both new and existing customer.
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The FTTH solution consists with the below:
1. OPF ODN solution: such as PLC splitter and fiber optic joint closure and fiber terminal box;
2. OPF FTTH cable: such as FTTH optical indoor cable, FTTH duct cable;
3. OPF hardware series: such as cable clamp, giant stainless steel buchle;
4. OPF passive product: such as adapters, FTTH drop cable, air-blowing micro cables,IP65 closure and wall box, etc.
Fiber to indoor solution assist with the blowing fiber, drop cable, closure, fast connector, and wall box, these are all work together at final mile of the backbone. As for indoor invisible application, it also needs high-density indoor mini cable, face plate, etc. We also provide networking solutions. 

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