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Questions and Answers about OPF China:

An Optic Fiber Cable Manufacturer in China

1. How long has your company been established?

   Founded in 2006, Shenzhen OPF Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech optical fiber product company specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and distribution of optical fiber products. 

   At present, the company's main products include ADSS cable, drop cable, fiber patch cord, connector, adapter, splitters, fiber optic terminal boxes, distribution box and other products. The company currently has more than 150 well-trained employees, and excellent engineers with many years of optical fiber background dedicated to the production of our proud products.  

   OPF is committed to the research, development and application of all optical fiber production technologies, including fiber ferrule design, precision grinding, mold design, customer OEM packaging, we have a set of strict quality control and quality inspection system, which provides great support to the company's annual average Revenue reached 100 million.


  2. Service and Quality Come the First

 OPF China treats every customer attentively based on the idea “Service and Quality Come the First” which it has committed to since the establishment. 

   We deal with each inquiry or question from our customers in a timely manner, which has helped us win the trust and preference from a lot of customers. When an inquiry is sent, we can help to quote, to calculate the weight and volume, and provide a packing list with a suggested container loading instructions. Customers buy from us do business in a quite relieved way as we think ahead and arrange orderly in each step during the business, and all of which is supported and realized by our professional and experienced team staff.

3. Are you a manufacturer? I don't want to work with a third party.



OPF is a professional in fiber cable & accessories, the biggest one in Zhejiang Province of China. We design, manufacture and sell optical fiber cables. We can do 200,000 kilometers of cable per month, actually, 90% of our products is cable.

We can also do OEM and provide full telecom solutions. Like ADSS, ASU, Drop Cable, Micro Duct Cable, OPGW, Fast connector, PLC splitter, Closure, Ftth Box,ect, as well to customize your needs.

4. Your MOQ is too high, it exceeds my budget, I can't get that much money at once

  We do have MOQ requirement for one order, but it is not unsolvable. When you think our MOQ is too high and can’t pay that much at once, there are still many solutions. 

  Solution 1: We can help provide financial support

  OPF cooperates with many supply chains that can provide financial help for the customers. We can help apply for a credit account period for you. 

  When you have a credit account period, you can arrange capital turnover for an additional 90-120 days.

Option 2: We accept installment

Normally the payment term is 30% when the order is confirmed, 40% before container loading, and 30% before the goods arrive at the port(before issue the B/L).

The detailed payment plan can be negotiated according to different customers’ needs.


Option 3: Ship in batches, payment according to the departure time of the goods

According to your needs, perhaps the the products needed urgently can be shipped first, and then formulate a repayment plan according to the delivery time.

Option 4: Pay by L/C

We can accept at long as 365 payment days if by L/C.

5. I want my company's brand to appear on the product, do you do OEM?

Yes, we can do OEM. Many of our customs require their products to be branded or have characters printed, like printed characters on cables and cable reels, embossed logo or laser printed logo on distribution boxes, individual customized packing for patch cords and pigtails, etc. We all tried our best to fulfill every request and needs of our customers and have gained a lot of compliments.


6. Can I take your samples to test your quality first?

     Of course. It’s welcomed that customers take our samples to test the quality or confirm the specs. 

    To show our sincerity for cooperation and are confident in our products, we offer free samples within the $100 production cost, customers only need to bear the shipping cost and local customs cost. By which, both parties bear a part of the samples total cost, we believe it’s a good start for the cooperation and our previous experience also proved it.

    For more details about the free samples, please kindly send us your need to bella@o-pf.com and we will reply as soon as we can and offer help.

7. What if the product I want is different from your regular product?

     Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that we cannot manufacture the products you need. You can send us your product specifications or samples, our engineer will then check and evaluate if we can do.

8. Are all your products in stock in advance?

     We are a manufacturer, only a few of our products are in stock, and they are sent to customers as samples. For an official order, we need to prepare the raw material and manufacture according to the needs and specs as required, and it requires a certain production delivery time. We can give priority to some urgent order, but it still takes some time.

9.Do you only support USD?

    Regarding the payment currency, we can accept USD, EUR, GBP and RMB.

10.What Certificates do you have? 


For certificate, we have ISO 9001, Anatel certificate with Test report for Brazil market, UL certificates for Canada and other countries. We also have the Certificate of Utility Model Pattern

If you need a product with some certificate and we don't have the certificate yet, you can send us the product and quantity you need and also the certificate required, we can go and apply.


11.Questions and Answers about Credit Term Payment?

      Our financial support means that you submit your company's basic information, such as company name, address and ID address, and the rest of the information will be filled in by our team based on your website information. Say your credit limit is $300,000 for 100 days. Well, congratulations, it means you can pay us PO amount 100 days after shipment; if production takes about 1 month, it means, you will have 100 days + 30 days = 130 days of cash flow without any risk! For more details, you can refer to <OPF Credit Application Q & A 2022> below

About OPF Credit Application Question & Answers 

Q1.  What kind of Finance Support OPF will offer?


We can provide financial support up to $20 million for big projects for 5 years

AND Up to $2 million financial support for up to 180 days for distributors.

Q2, How does this Credit term work?


1. You’ll fill 1 Credit application form to OPF, OPF will submit it to OPF Supply Chain.

2. It takes about 7-15 working days to evaluate and approve the Credit application.

3. Credit approved Result : Approved or Rejected. 


Q3. What info did I need to fill ?


1. Company Name

2. Company address

3. Company Registered ID.  

4. OPF team will fill the rest according to the info on your website. 

Q4. How to use the Credit Term ?

Ans1,Once the Credit has been approved, you can make PO without payment more than 4 months!!

Ans2,if your credit approved is $300,000USD for 100 days,

you can pay us the PO values 100 days after the shipment.

If the production takes about one month, that means, you'll have 100 days + 30 days = 130 days Cash Flow without any risk! 


Q5 . Credit Application is a Loan ?


Credit Term is not a Loan, it's the Reputation Credit your company has passed our Authoritative credit investigation agency's Credit Check. 

Q6. Can everyone obtains Credit Approved ?  

Answer, Absolutely No.

Not every customer can get the Credit from us!

Our supply Chain will evaluate your company's qualification whether it is trustful & reliable, referring to the business running status ,DNB Data and some basic company background check. Only those who have good business running record will get our credit approved. 




Q7. How long does it take effect?


The Credit will be available once your credit has been approved, with OPF GM Signature. 

Q8. what's the deadline for us to pay the PO ? 


If your credit approved is $300,000USD for 100 days,

and your PO value is $280,000 USD, and the Vessel departures on April01.2022, the payment deadline will be July10.2022

Plenty of our customers obtain credit and do business with us. It’s a solution to ease the cash flow pressure and gain financial support.

For more information about OPF, please send us email bella@o-pf.com.

OPF team will be looking forward to hearing from you!

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